We developed strategic partnerships with experts in specific areas based on the reality no one can be a jack of all trades, so we focus on the experts in areas supporting our overall business support.

We're partnering with a group steeped in expertise and experience in graphic design, website design & hosting, marketing collateral design, and general marketing support.

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BundleB2B provides an intuitive path towards managing wholesale business through the BigCommerce platform. It takes the commerce solution and elevates it to another level, empowering businesses of almost any size to more effectively manage the B2B business. Cirkular Solutions is the Practical Solution Partner to BundleB2B, helping users with the application beyond installation relative to their business needs.

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Because some businesses require experts in solution development, mobile application development, and general programming supporting legacy systems; we've partnered with Henote Technologies to augment our business consulting with the technical expertise you may need.

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Solutions Supported

Custom Solutions

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