Our Story

A business built on practical application of every sense of the retail and wholesale worlds – while some observe and advise; we live it, breath it, understand it, and practice it.

Who We Are

In 1980, after graduating college with a degree in Radio, Television, and Film, I entered the media market and quickly discovered I would most likely starve to death if I continued this career path; so, I turned my attention to something I had been doing since 1974, and which helped put me through college…retail. I had no idea where it would lead, only that it came naturally and I could make a living.

Since then, I’ve ventured down virtually every possible path in both the retail and wholesale worlds. Starting in the store, I learned first-hand how to run a retail business from the ground up. I eventually migrated into merchandising, working as a buyer and product developer; developing the skills sets necessary to analyze, forecast, source and develop products across multiple categories. This lead me to exploring the supply side, and I moved onto running a startup business, developing sales and marketing plans; while also leveraging my experience in merchandising to help design, forecast and produce the products we sold. I moved back into retail during the onset of outlet stores, developing skills in site selection, lease management, and executive operations. Since then, I’ve worked with large companies and smaller ones, startups, corporations, and individual owners; developing an ability to quickly observe, understand, and apply practical solutions to improve performance.

Now I partner with other professionals with complimentary skills and experiences, and share knowledge across both channels with large businesses and smaller ones; helping to identify opportunities for improvements in sales, operations, and profitability.

- Arthur

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – help retailers and wholesalers identify their strengths and weaknesses; then create a plan and a path to never let any weakness get in the way of a strength.


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"Arthur is a tremendous asset to our company, as he has helped us refine our marketing strategies and has always provided relevant experiences from his past to provide us the guidance we need. He is a pleasure to work with, and has helped us focus our efforts with his detailed marketing know-how."
Yavuz Arik 
Marketing Director at Paolo Cardelli
"Arthur’s knowledge and command of merchandising and inventory control is extensive. Additionally, he posesses years of experience in various areas of both retail and wholesale businesses. His expertise provides a broad comprehension of the integration of vital business functions and his functional experience brings a practical knowledge and understanding to ensure success anyone’s business.
Barry Schurr
COO Osbee Industries, Inc.
"Arthur is a resourceful, persistent, intelligent leader with a progressive entrepreneurial skill set. He adapts quickly to overcome challenges, pivots to opportunities, and consistently delivers growth along with a well managed P & L.
Michael Mullen
Executive Vice President, E&E Co. LTD.