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Business is circular in nature and connected, so disruption at any point impacts the flow and success. Our focus is on your business cycles, not the other way around; and we take the time to understand your needs and your business goals, then find the most cost effective way to help your business succeed.


Understand how to be an Omnichannel retailer – what it means, how it may apply to your business, and how to get there. Create a single user experience for both your customer and your business.


Go beyond the “presentation” of products and understand the science behind building assortment plans that work, identifying and sourcing the products you need, designing and developing products, and managing what you buy.


Every aspect of business is connected; Merchandising, Marketing, Store Operations, Accounting, and so on. No one is an expert in all areas, but being able to understand the basics and the connections will provide a better foundation for success.

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Help us help you, tells us more about your business, your challenges, and aspirations, and where you feel you need help connecting the critical points of your business; and we’ll help complete the circle.
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"Arthur is a tremendous asset to our company, as he has helped us refine our marketing strategies and has always provided relevant experiences from his past to provide us the guidance we need. He is a pleasure to work with, and has helped us focus our efforts with his detailed marketing know-how."
Yavuz Arik 
Marketing Director at Paolo Cardelli
"Arthur’s knowledge and command of merchandising and inventory control is extensive. Additionally, he posesses years of experience in various areas of both retail and wholesale businesses. His expertise provides a broad comprehension of the integration of vital business functions and his functional experience brings a practical knowledge and understanding to ensure success anyone’s business.
Barry Schurr
COO Osbee Industries, Inc.
"Arthur is a resourceful, persistent, intelligent leader with a progressive entrepreneurial skill set. He adapts quickly to overcome challenges, pivots to opportunities, and consistently delivers growth along with a well managed P & L.
Michael Mullen
Executive Vice President, E&E Co. LTD.


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